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True God

How Do I Know There Is A God?

God’s creation

Complex forces and structures keep the universe in order. These enable us to exist today. From the macro world to the micro, we see precision, complexity, and purpose in existence. Nudge the earth a little off its path of orbit, and the temperature would cause all of life to die. Alter or remove a gene, and you might destroy the whole body. Such explicit design declares the existence of an intelligent creator. 

God’s word

God has also revealed His existence and His plans for us through His own Word. The existence of the Bible and its lasting influence over thousands of years attest to something greater than the invention of man. How could forty different authors over a span of forty generations have presented such a consistent message of God and His divine plan unless He were real?

Our need for God

We can also know that God exists if we look into ourselves, and into our own lives. Our universal desire—found among people in every age and culture—to seek out and worship God affirms His existence. A person might win a million dollars, achieve a certain level of fame, or gain the love of others, but still seek something better that he or she knows exists “out there.” The fulfillment, the perfect goodness, the complete love we long for, truly exists; the delusion occurs when we fail to recognize we are really missing God.

Our experience of God

Our knowledge of God is not only based on inference. We can know He exists through experience. God directly intervenes in our lives, as testimony reveals. When we hear about a person healed from a fatal illness, or a baby found cradled safely in the limb of a tree after a tornado, we recognize that certain incidents cannot be rationally explained. There must be someone beyond our ordinary, “rational” world who has control over it: there must be God.

When we practice God’s word, we will see the results. When we pray as He instructed us, God listens, and answers our prayers. If we pray for the Holy Spirit, we will receive it, just as countless believers will testify. We can truly experience the power and joy of communing with God if we have the heart to seek Him.

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